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Welcome to Building Inspections

Daily Building Inspections is grounded in over 15 years of practical construction and property experience where we built the same types of properties we now inspect. Our founder, Tom Daly, was a construction supervisor, responsible for making sure houses and properties were built within specifications and to the appropriate standards. This practical experience puts us in an unparalleled position to provide informed house inspections, as we understand the specifications, every type of defect, their degree of impact and the cost of their repairs.

We’re an intimate team of inspectors and operational staff, all local to Frankston and the surrounding areas, and have served homeowners all throughout Frankston City, Mornington Peninsula, Casey and Cardinia Shires. We benefit from a close team, who work together to understand your concerns, respond to inspection instructions fast, and answer any questions you might have along the way.

Our inspection services make the process of house purchasing, handover, auction or maintenance simple and efficient through complete visibility into the property. Leaving no stone unturned, inspections deliver a high-quality service that helps our clients make property decisions with clarity and power.

For an informed, high-quality, professional and friendly inspection service by a local inspector, contact us today for a free quote.

Locals know it best

For those of us lucky enough to have a property or considering buying one in the ‘gate to the Mornington Peninsula’, we share some common values! The beach on our doorstep, close enough to get into the hustle and bustle of the CBD and the beautiful peninsula offer a life that can’t be compared to many other areas.

Frankston City, Mornington Peninsula, Casey and Cardinia Shires are popular choices for many families and nature-lovers alike. So when you find the home that wins your heart, you probably want to make sure it’s up to standard and doesn’t come with any shocking surprises. Daily Building Inspections exists to perform thorough, high-quality inspections for people in these areas, to help them learn about the property so they can move forward with informed decisions.

Industry Experts

We're construction experts from many years working in different parts of the industry. Our inspections are grounded in knowledge of specifications, standards, defects and the cost value of repairs.

Reliable and responsive

Our close-knit team are all located in the area and have close communication, which means we can act on your instruction fast and deliver the insights you need quickly and reliably.

Qualified professionals

We follow Australian Standards with every inspection to ensure our findings are aligned to industry best practices. Contact us for more information on our property inspections services