Pre Auction Inspections

Detailed house inspections to help you on auction day.

Inspections help you understand the real value of the property and make informed bids at an auction

Auctions are rising in popularity and are becoming a great way to strike a fair deal between buyer and seller. Though, auctions can evoke emotions in the rush to deliver a bid and not lose the house to another buyer, so they bring an element of risk. Knowing your bid limits is essential before auction day, to ensure you don’t win and pay more for the house than is reasonable.

We help buyers at auctions know their bid limits through thorough pre-auction inspections and detailed reports of defects and major structural problems. These reports can communicate the real value of the house, after the cost of maintenance and repairing defects is deducted. We document flaws through this unbiased and in-depth service to remove the doubt and risk in buying a house and the stress that comes with the pressure of auction day.

Pre-auction inspections are performed in accordance with the Australian Standards 3440.1 so they’re aligned to the specifications grounded in credible expectations. Daily Building Inspections serves your best interests by removing the risk and concerns of an auction so you can make the most informed and clear property decision.

What’s included in pre-auction property inspections

Combatting the rush and risk of the auction is done with expert knowledge and visibility into the home through our inspection of the areas below: