Combined Building and Pest Inspections

Double the assurance in your property decision with a single extensive service.

Thoroughly inspect a property for defects and pest infections at a significantly reduced cost before you buy.

Minor defects, major structural issues and the presence of pests all contribute to the real value of a property. If these exist in the home you’re considering purchasing, it’s important to know before you sign any papers, so you can make the optimal investment at the right price. Our combined pre-purchase and pest inspection delivers a comprehensive analysis of just about everything that can physically devalue the property.

Opting for this service is the best way to soothe your worries, make decisions with power and clarity and remove any doubt. It’s our most popular service for buyers because it combines pest and defect inspections in one service, at a massively reduced rate than conducting both inspections independently.

The pre-purchase inspection covers the physical features inside and out, evaluating the roof, floors, internal features as well as visible aspects. The pest inspection confirms or denies the absence of pest problems, outlines previously damaged materials from pests and highlights any potential areas for future pest infection.

The key findings of the combined inspection are outlined in a detailed report that highlights the minor and major defects, the presence of pests and the cost value loss in these issues. This arms you with the knowledge to inform your negotiations or pursue the purchase of a property without the worry of running into daunting surprises later on.

What’s included in combined building and pest inspections

Combined pest and pre-purchase inspections leave no stone unturned. Our inspectors cover all the interiors and exterior areas of the property as well as the roof and floors, as discussed below: