Pre Handover Inspections

Protecting the quality of your new-build.

We make sure the quality of your home is up to standard before you receive the keys.

Building a home comes with many concerns as you watch it materialise from plans on drawings to brick and mortar. When you get to the last stages, there’s one more thing to do to ensure a perfect handover – make sure it’s up to standard! Our pre-handover inspection service assesses the entire new build property, the specifications and quality of the construction and identifies any flaws or defects.

You can use the detailed report we provide after inspection to communicate your needs with the construction contractor and have any issues reprimanded before you receive the keys. This final professional assessment can ensure the value of your property is at a peak and is built for safety and quality before you move in.

With our many years of experience as construction supervisors, we know the exact technical details a house should be built to before handover. Following the Australian Standards, we outline anything that doesn’t meet expectations pre-handover, while the original contractors are still there and can make the changes efficiently.

We’re an independent service, which means our report remains unbiased and informed from our expertise to serve your best interests. Your perfect property is achievable through Daily pre-handover inspection at the final step in the property building process.