Pre Purchase Inspections

Get complete visibility into the property before you decide to buy.

Make the best investment decision and power your price negotiations with a pre-purchase inspection.

Buying property in Frankston and the surrounding areas can be a stressful process given the competitive market. For many people, houses are one of the biggest investments they’ll make in their lives. So, while you need to be ready to act when you find your ideal place, you should also make sure you know every detail. The final step before making a purchasing decision is a pre-purchase inspection to ensure you won’t be met with any surprises down the road.

Our pre-purchase inspections provide you with complete visibility into the home through a detailed report. You can use the information on this report to decide if you want to pursue the purchase or assist you in making appropriate pricing negotiations. When you use our service, we take your best interests as our own, and we’re dedicated to thorough inspections that determine every defect and damage in the property.

Our inspectors communicate their findings through a report which outlines minor and major defects following the Australian Standards 4349.1 which means the reported expectations are supported by these specifications. Choose a pre-purchase inspection with one of our experienced inspectors to help you move forward with purchasing decisions with clarity and confidence.

What’s included in pre-purchase property inspections